The Fiat 850 Garage

Torque Wrench Settings (ft-lbs)

Please take caution with these numbers. I may have unknown typos. I cannot be responsible for the use of this information.

Main Bearing cap screw44.8
Conrod bearing cap screw25.3
Conrod bearing cap screw (850 Special)30.4
Cylinder head (and temp unit)28.9 to 36.2
Cylinder head (and temp unit) (from october 1969) 32.5 to 39.8
Flywheel mounting screws25.3 to 28.9
Driven sprocket-to-camshaft screw36.2
Rocker shaft support stud nut14.5
Rocker shaft support stud nut (850 Special)25.3 to 28.9
Drive pulley cover screw5.8
Air coveyer -to- water pump body18.1
Spark Plugs18.1 to 21.7
Engine mounting bracket -to- transmission stud nut18.1
Engine mounting bracket -to- body shell screw21.7 to 25.3
Engine rear mounting bracket -to- body shell screw nut27.5
Side link -to- engine -and- body shell screw nut16.6
Clutch mounting screws5.8 to 7.2
Transmission Differential:
Clutch housing -to- engine screw54.2 to 61.5
Clutch housing -to- transmission screw28.9 to 36.2
Transmission side cover screws14.5 to 18.1
Transmission front cover stud nut14.5 to 18.1
Speedo cable -to- front cover1.8 to 2.2
Axle shaft oil boot -to- transmission screws/nuts14.5 to 18.1
Drive pinion bearing retainer plate screw14.5 to 18.1
Drive pinion front bearing and gear nut115.7 to 144.7
Clutch throwout sleeve support screw5.8 to 7.2
Clutch throwout yoke ball pin25.3
Differential carrier cap screw36.2 to 39.8
Gear selector fork and lever screws5.8 to 8.7
Gear selector fork and lever screws (from Sep 1969)13 to 18
Ring gear -to- differential cage screw43.4 to 54.2
Flexible joint -to- gearshaft control rod screw16.6
Power plant mountings:
Mounting bracket -to- transmission stud nut18.1
Transmission mounting bracket -to- body screw21.7 to 25.3
Engine rear mounting bracket -to- body screw nut27.5
Side link -to- engine -and- body screw nut16.6
Front Suspension:
Semi-eliptic spring cross rail -to- body screw nut32.5
Semi-eliptic spring -to- cross rail screw nut43.4
Semi-eliptic spring -to- kingpin housing screw nut65.1
Kingpin housing -to- control arm control nut65.1
Control arm -to- body screw nut32.5 to 36.2
Control arm pivot bar rubber bushing nut43.4 (minimum, prior to inserting cotter pin)
Brake backing plate -to- steering knuckles screw nut14.5
Wheel bearing nuts at steering knuckles--
Wheel and brake drum -to- hub stud43.4 to 50.6
Wheel cylinder -to- brake backing plate screw7.2
Shock absorber -to- body shell screw nut24.6
Shock absorber -to- kingpin housing screw nut21.7
Sway bar shackle screw nut10.8
Rear suspension:
Control arm pin nut65.1
Control arm front bracket -to- body shell screw28.9 to 36.2
Wheel hub and brake backing plate -to- control arm screw43.4
Wheel hub inner bearing plate screw43.4
Flexible joint -to- wheel shaft nut101.3 (minimum, prior to inserting cotter pin)
Axle shaft sleeve -to- flexible joint screw28.9 to 36.2
Wheel -to- brake drum stud43.4 to 50.6
Shock absorber mounting bracket -to- body screw14.5 to 18.1
Shock absorber mounting bracket -to- body screw nut14.5 to 18.1
Shock absorber -to- upper mounting bracket screw nut24.6
Shock absorber -to- conrol arm screw nut21.7
Sway bar -to- control arm link screw nut14.5 to 18.1
Wheel cylinder -to- brake backing plate screw7.2
Steering wheel -to- column nut28.9 to 36.2
Steering column jacket support -to- insrument panel screw7.2
Steering gear -to- body screw nut14.5
Idler arm mounting -to- body screw nut14.5
Tie rod end ball stud nut21.7 to 25.3
Pitman arm -to- sector nut72.3
Idler arm -to- sector nut72.3
Idler arm pit nut54.2 to 57.9
Nut, caliper, support bracket plate -to- knuckle arm14.5 to 18.1
Screw, caliper support bracket -to- plate36.2
Stud, wheels and brake discs to hubs43.4 to 50.6