The Fiat 850 Garage

The Mk2 had changed the headlamps to comply with American standards. From 1968-69, this auto was fit with an 817cc engine to bypass American emissions tests. From 70-73, it used a 903cc engine.

Click on an image for a few larger pics.
Chinese Silver 850?
Concorso 1999 pictures.
Acocio Lobo did an awesome job restoring this Mk2. Click here for his site.
These pics are from Bruce Parts Bin. Click here for his site.
If you look hard...the red spyder has the very rare metal-fastback hardtop.
This is my brother, DeWayne's, 1969. This model had the 817cc engine. It also has a rack on the back.
This is my 1972 that I got for FREE! I obtained it from an old mountain man in the California Sierras.
These are pics of my engine out of my white 71. It is a 903cc and the ruler is 12 inches long.
These are SMALL pics of my 1971.
These are NORMAL pics of my 1971.
This is my backyard which includes all 850s my brother and I own. (five in all)

Please email me your 850.